Aluminium Roofing

Aluminium is the 21st Century material for roofing. There are many advantages to using aluminium in roof construction. Aluminium is special compared to many other metals because it is durable, lightweight yet sturdy, energy-efficient, attractive and increasingly affordable.
Unlike other materials, aluminium roofing will not dry and split, crack, rot, curl, get infested with insects or mildew. It is resistant to rust and last for years with very little maintenance.

At KCM, supplying aluminium roofing is one of our major strengths and we are proud to showcase our expertise and range of products to do with aluminium roofing.


When it comes to aluminium roofing, Zelda is our brand of choice.  Economical and versatile, Zelda’s roofing series is meant to maximise cover width and is fully water-tight. It has a stippled finish that reduces reflectivity and sun glare. Strong and lightweight, its anti-capillary groove improves side laps more efficiently.

KCM’s Zelda aluminium roofing series includes the 5R, 7R and Kawa KZ Standing Seam Series.

Zelda 5R Roofing Series

Because of it’s versatility, the 5R Series is suitable for both roofing and walling in industrial, commercial, agricultural and domestic applications. Its water tight design with anti-capillary groove and internal valley are developed to maximise cover without sacrificing performance.


Zelda 7R Roofing Series

As versatile as the 5R series and suitable in all applications, the 7R Series combines strength with light weight. Its 7 ribs and 730mm cover make it more rigid and strong. It features anti-capillary grooves that improve side lap efficiency and is available in COLORBONDâ for more corrosive environments.



Kawa KZ Standing Seam Series

This is our specialised standing seam concealed roof fixing system. It is unique because it can be processed to taper precisely to exact angles in a single pass. Adding to its value, it is a boltless, puncture-free system with a 100% water tight locking system. Strong yet light, it allows for quick installation and is extremely durable against corrosion.