Roxul Firesafe Insulation

Roxul stone wool products are made of rock and are non-combustible, water resistant, mechanically strong and environmentally proven.  Ideal for thermal comfort, Roxul is a lightweight solution to all insulation needs which can be manufactured in different thicknesses for residential, commercial and industrial buildings.




The Sunfoil™ Series

The Sunfoil™ SN1, SN2 and SN3 are a series of multi-layered laminated foil made of single- or double-layered reflective aluminium film bonded with high-density polyethylene woven fabric, designed for high performance insulation, high reflectivity and low remissibility. Suited for all kinds of roofing, its high tensile strength and light weight makes it easy to handle and perfect for airport terminals, hypermarkets, hospitals, schools and other large buildings.