UNI (Al-Zinc) Door Frame

UNI (Al-Zinc) metal door and window frames are high quality aluminium-zinc alloy coated steel that will not rot, warp, twist or be subjected to insect attacks. Frames are made to exact requirements and gives the flexibility of integrating with feature face brick or plastering.



The Sunfoil™ Series

The Sunfoil™ SN1, SN2 and SN3 are a series of multi-layered laminated foil made of single- or double-layered reflective aluminium film bonded with high-density polyethylene woven fabric, designed for high performance insulation, high reflectivity and low remissibility. Suited for all kinds of roofing, its high tensile strength and light weight makes it easy to handle and perfect for airport terminals, hypermarkets, hospitals, schools and other large buildings.


Dektite® EPDM Polymer Flashings

Perfect for flashing pipes on metal roofs, Dektite flashings are made of world class DEKS polymer, can handle extreme temperatures from -50°C to 115°C and are easy to install. A smooth contoured design means no messy pleats and the square base fits all roof profiles. With a 20-year warranty, this is one of the best products of its genre in the market.



Manufactured by UGI, C-Purlins are ideal for roof and cladding support in portal frames and trusses. They are lightweight and are made available in custom lengths either with or without hole punching. (back to top)


ASTeks® AS3566 Class III Fasteners

Fasteners are crucial for maintaining the structural integrity of any building. Resistant to corrosion, ASTeksÒ roofing and cladding fasteners guarantees high performances when used in ISO categories Mild Urban/Rural (ISO Category 2), Light Industrial/Urban (ISO Category 2-3), Moderate Industrial (ISO Category 3) and Mild/Moderate Marine (ISO Category 3).



Easy-Mesh is a steel fabric made of high strength steel wires produced through automated precision welding. It is readily available in standard rectangular sheets of varying wire sizes and can be roll-packed for convenient transport and shipping. Widely used in reinforcing concrete, it is ideal for suspended/non-suspended concrete slabs, foundation structure, retaining walls, culverts and drains.