Steel Roofing

KCM uses the highest quality steel roofing from the industry’s top brand names, including UGI’s UNI-series, BlueScope Steel and Ampelite. Our dedication to quality means we only source for proven names and products.



Features a watertight design. It maximises cover and at the same time maintains peak performance. Best of all, it can be custom-cut to meet specific building requirements.



UNILOK™ is one of the most economical roofing options with its wider 672mm cover. Its concealed fix system makes it virtually maintenance-free and is ideal for low pitch roofing and walling.



Strong and lightweight, with a special anti-capillary groove to improve side laps efficiency. So versatile that we can even custom form it on-site for you.



Its unique flexibility allows for unusual and dramatic designs to be created.



The special “Double Protection” quality of the UNITLE™ is incredibly efficient against water seepage, is resistant to colour fading and lasts 4 times better than ordinary steel roofing. Its seamless overlap and tiled look are especially good for domestic applications.



UNILINE™ gutters are distinctive, unique and has a conceal fixed system that gives a great finished look. Aesthetics aside, it is also designed for greater durability and compatibility with steel roofing.



Ampelite (Malaysia) is the producer of international quality Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic (RFP) roof and wall claddings, essential for protection against UV rays. Ampelite products provide superior light diffusion, allowing for natural light to enter and reduces energy consumption. A wide range of Ampelite profiles is available, from 2 Pan Clip System to 11 Rib Profile.