At KCM, we supply top-quality steel, aluminium, roofing, zinc alloy frames, steel fabrics, fasteners, wall cladding products and roofing accessories. We also have aluminium roofing sheets of various profiles, aluminium and metal flat sheets, insulation materials of fibreglass wool and Roxul, light weight roofing truss, various building hardware and other materials. We also provide installation services for our products.

Many of our products are certified using the MS/ISO 9001:2000 Quality Control Management System which have been tried and tested as far afield as Australia.

Brands We Carry

Zincalume ®

Made by BluesScope Steel (Malaysia), Zincalume ® has been an industry leader of corrosion resistant steel for over 30 years. Constant new developments has helped Zincalume ® maintain superior aesthetics in all conditions, ever-improving performance and an 25-year assurance against corrosion. If a track record like this doesn’t give you peace of mind, nothing else will.

Colorbond ® Ultra

Developed specially for severe environments, Colorbond ® Ultra steel provides superb protection against corrosion in all types of extreme weather conditions. A specially formulated top coat paint system gives excellent protection against dirt and the superiority of the pain quality is highly resistant to colour fading.

Clean Colorbond ®

Clean Colorbond ® steel has been in the market since the 1960’s. It is the leading name in the construction and building industry, and is perfect for durability in tropical weather. Its lasting colour, flexible design options plus colour range make it an ideal choice for endless applications, including roofing, walling, architectural panels and building accessories that require excellent colour and gloss retention.